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We support the development of recruitment agencies!

Recruitment agencies feel the impact of opinions about them most, out of all the industries. Opinions about a company or project have a direct impact on the interest of subsequent potential candidates. You can’t neglect such an important factor in business development.

Protection of the Agency's image

Our activities focus on improving and strengthening the image and opinion of the Agency. Cooperation with bRenewal ensures that potential threats to image weakness are eliminated.


We support most business models in the industry.

Many of the agencies on the UK market started to take on new trends in the recruitment industry sector. However, focusing on the model division of the market, our services reflect in a direct impact on conducting business for agencies such as:


A positive opinion about the Agency allows you to attract more interested candidates, giving you a better chance of implementing the project.

Digital Consultancy

Recruitment agencies specializing in employee outsourcing know how important a positive opinion about the agency and employer is.

Brand Marketing

The prestige of a consultancy agency is very important, especially when recruiting middle and senior level employees in specialized sectors.


Feedback is the key to success

Although it would seem that opinions are a marginal factor, in the HR industry it is just the opposite. According to the surveys conducted, as many as 73% of the Internet users say that the Internet is the main source of information about Employers. Moreover, 69% of people declare that they would not work in a company with a bad reputation.

On the other hand – 83% of Internet users gain trust in a company or service, having read reviews about them. For years, studies have shown we obtain information from the Internet eagerly while approaching them with little criticism.

Do not let your company fall victim to unfair and irrational accusations that negatively affect your entire business!

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